SYSTEMS for collective intelligence
Your team is an ecosystem. Each member has immense talent and experience, but the success of the team isn't in any individual—its intelligence is distributed throughout the system, embodied in relationships, and constitutes a delicate process.

We believe this process can be supported through an interdisciplinary and scientific yet people-oriented approach. Rhizome R&D uses systems theory to understand the complex web of relationships, ideas, resources, and opportunities in your organization and triangulates them to help you succeed.

Doing something that's never been done before? We've done that before.We love guiding teams through the ambiguity of early-stage product development in groundbreaking spaces. We bring experience from the cutting edge of emerging technology and design methods across industries—from augmented reality to biotech, hardware sensors to smart city infrastructure, new networked media to artificial intelligence.

While each domain and opportunity is unique, we've carefully developed frameworks and methods to navigate complexity, risk, and opportunity. We combine our hard-won experience in developing advanced technologies with deep expertise in human psychology to help your team achieve breakthrough innovations and find product-market fit.
"We were feeling our way through totally uncharted and treacherous terrain – Kasey was the one lighting the way."

Product Management Director, Google
"Kasey upleveled research and product direction for our org. His insatiable curiosity drives an expansive approach; he studies problems from multiple vantage points and fuses interdisciplinary thinking into powerful strategic tools."
Greg neiswander,
senior staff research manager, google
Rhizome R&D is an early-stage product strategy consultancy led by Kasey Klimes
Prior to founding Rhizome R&D, Kasey led research for Google's first world-scale augmented reality experiences and other experimental technologies. Earlier in his career, he spearheaded digital and physical transformations in cities around the world, including New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Oslo, and Moscow.

Outside Rhizome R&D, Kasey teaches a graduate course on design research for complex systems at Harbour Space University in Barcelona and co-founded the Library of Economic Possibility. He holds a Masters in City Planning from UC Berkeley.

Kasey is based in Brooklyn, New York, where he enjoys hosting small parties for his community and taking walks in Prospect Park.

Who we work with

Our clients include startups, venture studios, academic institutions and large corporations exploring new ground across a wide array of domains like digital media, smart cities, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, biomedical research, IT infrastructure, education, and neuroscience.

You are the domain expert—we're experts in asking questions, optimizing team collaboration, and the real-world process of innovation.

In most cases, we only work with one client at a time.

How we work

We recognize that your challenges are unique, but also that you need field-tested solutions.

This is why we build our engagements like LEGO—our tried-and-true building blocks combine in new ways to meet new challenges. These building blocks include user studies, team workshops, leadership coaching, and embedded strategy and alignment programs.

Engagements may last anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on your needs.

How partnerships begin

Our collaborations usually begin with a question. Here's a sample:

"Is there an unmet need in this market, and if so how can we serve it?"

"Our current strategy isn't working, is it time to pivot? How?"

"We're getting bogged down in the complexity of our problem, how can we move forward?"

"How can I get my entire team moving in the same direction?"